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Mobile Devices Security

Many companies do not have adequate control over either the security of new mobile devices or the threats to company operations that mobile networking may present.

So far, companies experience little by way of mobile phone virus and worm attacks. But that's only because companies are still limiting the functionality of such devices among employees. Just about everyone uses cell phones with Internet capabilities these days. But in the working world, use of the devices are still limited to making phone calls and checking email. Since that is changing, the complexity of the problem grows to the size of complexity of issues with laptop computers.

These days, IT shops have a lot of control over the BlackBerry and can administer necessary security controls from the server side. With BlackBerry the IT department can lock the device and have control. The following reference document describes the “Security behind BlackBerry “

That is not the case with iPhones or other smart phones capable of handle sensitive documents. With these devices that kind of control isn't there.

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