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Wireless Security Consulting

Wireless networks offer an inexpensive, easy to use, easy to deploy and highly mobile method of connecting to a LAN. Wireless LAN solutions empower the workforce to conduct business wherever and whenever the need dictates and in today’s fast paced competitive environment, which is all the time.

With these increased benefits come additional risks. Along with the complexities associated with deployment of wireless networks comes the ever evolving threat landscape. Contrary to popular belief, wireless signals can travel far distances beyond the access point, often allowing the signal to radiate outside organizational boundaries. Although vendors of wireless equipment and services are striving for additional security features, attackers are ever increasing their ability to exploit those defenses. This, combined with simple misconfigurations can lead to exposure of sensitive data and private or privileged communications.

INFOSECPRO’s Wireless Security Consulting service helps answer these and other questions. Our solution provides assurance that wireless environments are securely deployed and that existing “on-target” vulnerabilities are identified and fixed before they can be exploited.

INFOSECPRO covers 802.11, the new 802.16 (WiMax), Bluetooth and other RF communication channels, if required.

For a few pages of a report sample, please click here.

Please submit your payment of $999.00 for a complete Wireless Security Assessment for your business location.

Travel expanses should be paid separately.

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