1. Introduction
  1. Risk Management

  2. Who Are You, and Why Are You Here?

  3. Finding a Solution

2. Problem Definition
  1. What Needs Protecting?

  2. Who is Allowed Where?

3. Methods of Identification
  1. Reliability vs. Cost

  2. Combining Methods to Increase Reliability

  3. Security System Management

4. Access Control
  1. What You Have

  2. What You Know

  3. Who You Are

5. Other Security Systems Elements

  1. Building Design

  2. Piggybacking and Tailgating: Mantraps

  3. Camera Surveillance

  4. Security Guards

  5. Sensors and Alarms

  6. Visitors

6. The Human Element
  1. People: The Weakest Link

  2. People: The Strongest Backup

7. Site Design
  1. Layers

  2. Components

  3. Tactics

8. Controlling Site Access
  1. Entry Control Facility

  2. Zones of an Entry Control Facility

  3. Utilities and Automatition

9. Chosing the Right Solution
  1. Risk Tolerance vs. Cost

  2. Security System Design Considerations

  3. Building Security Design Considerations

Controlling Site Access - Entry Control Facility

It does little good to prevent access for aggressors or threat vehicles around the perimeter if you have no way to control who enters at any access points

The necessary capabilities, constraints, and technology at entry control facilities (ECF) are very different now than in the past.

Not only military installations have entry control issues:
Large industrial complexes
Port facilities
Many campus style office complexes

Entry Control Facility Mission

Secure the facility or compound from unauthorized access and intercept contraband while maximizing traffic flow.

Several required components to perform this function:

Entry Control Facility Operations

Identification and inspection procedures are the most common operations

Security engineering design role is to define the operations at an ECF at each threat level and including random measures from various threat levels at any time

Design should consider the operations and anticipated traffic volume experienced at each threat level. Some congestion and hardship is expected at higher levels of threat

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