Four tracks are proposed:

1. Optimum production technologies for the enzyme called cellulase, which is needed for the hydrolysis of the cellulose to produce Ethanol.

2. Genetically engineering real plants and cyanobacteria to yield the products we want, like ethanol.

3. Mimic the photosynthetic processes in artificial photosynthetic systems built with human-made components, and produce ethanol, in more efficient and cost effective ways.

4. Exceptions to the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology will also be evaluated.

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what do we offer is specialized in optimizing ethanol production in both new and existing production facilities. Let us maximize your yield and your profit! was formed to develop and optimize feedstock conversion technologies for bio-fuel producers. The company is applying optimized processes to a variety of second generation cellulosic materials, to create cellulosic ethanol. By using these low-cost/high-yield feedstocks, bio-fuel producers will be positioned to compete with petroleum fuel producers on the free market. The company's expertise includes both process conversion and plant design/construction.

We specialize in the following four biomass feedstocks:



Let us maximize your yield and profit!
For our optimization assessment, please contact us at: or call: 732-763-2814

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