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Purchase, N.Y.- InfoSecPro.com, advises parents on the increase of child pornographers' Internet activity. According to reports, pedophiles are sharing child pornography with increasing frequency worldwide. The Internet is their medium of choice. Parents can control children's exposure to sexual predators by educating themselves and employing online security technology.
The first step is getting to know your child whereabouts and interests on the Internet. If your child's' computer access is password protected, may be an additional reason for concern. However, it is not a problem anymore. Http://www.infosecpro.com/kp/ offers you a solution by providing you with a tool to reveal all user names and passwords on your kids' computer, without any change in configuration.

www.infosecpro.com/kp/ offers a CD set with a Live Linux program - that means that no program will be installed on your kids' computer and there will be no log entry to show your access attempt. After ordering and receiving the two CD set from www.infosecpro.com/kp/, the computer will boot up in Linux and will start a program which will retrieve your password files.

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