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Example of our recent Technology Press Releases: US Night Vision Corp.- US Night Vision Corp. specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high quality night vision systems and other related tactical products to both the U.S. Military and Domestic Law Enforcement Agencies. We also handle the exportation of night vision systems following U.S. Dept of State, ITAR guidelines.

During the past decade it has been our pleasure to supply our valued domestic and overseas customers with the very best Tactical Night Vision Products, Mil-Spec Weapon Lasers, Weapon Mounted & Hand-Held Military Flashlights, Military Body Armor Systems and L3 Thermal Viewers, MICH Combat Helmets, Infrared Glo Tape and BlackOut Infrared Filters. We currently supply such products to a number of domestic clients and various counties under the US State Department DSP-83 export program.

We have now established two sales offices and an assembly and distribution center in the state of California to serve your needs.

www.USRenewableConsultant.com is an established website that was started to provide consulting services for the design of renewable energy generation systems. The documentation, sold as part of the package, gives comprehensive details on how to assess the economic potential of different renewable energy solutions, with focus on Wind Power and Solar Power. On USRenewableConsultant.com, we sell consulting services and customized documentation, with design details, which includes everything needed to build a complete renewable electrical system.

How hard is the assessments to be done?

After a phone conversation an assessment report is generated. It analyzes the cost effectiveness of the different procedures, provides guidance for selection of the best solutions to increase output and suggest future profit increase venues. Overall, this is an extremely easy consulting business to run. And Federal Grants are available for further training and development.

Visa or MasterCard payment through PayPal is the preferred method of payment.

Send your offer to: tibi@infosecpro.com

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