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A Cheating wife
Signs of s Cheating Spouse
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Pen Camera
Hidden Camera
 Buy a Pen Camera....
Imagine a working pen with a high resolution color low Lux camera. Then, imagine the ability to transmit video up to 500’ away. With this pen camera this dream is a reality. The camera is a great 1/4” CCD with 350 lines of resolution and a low 1.0 Lux rating. The pinhole lens is undetectable and has a wide 85 field of view. The miniature 2.4 GHz transmitter sends crystal clear video up to 500’ line of sight. You can monitor as your spouse enters his password in Windows Vista, Outloock or any Web Mail program. Works great in office/professional settings

Color Wireless Pen Camera

• 350 Lines of Resolution
• Low 1.0 Lux 1/4” CCD
• 500’ 2.4 GHz Wireless Range

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