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Scada-security offer for Risk Assessment Services

Scada-security.com consultants provide a full range of risk assessment projects. We have helped companies in the oil and gas industry assess their network architecture and then provide detailed plans to ensure compliance with specific industry regulations.

Scada-security.com consultants Professional Security Services is the trusted Risk Assessment solution provider for critical infrastructure industrial control systems. Our comprehensive non-invasive risk assessment practice maximizes operational reliability and availability by uncovering system vulnerabilities before they become disruptive to the operation. The core element in our Risk Assessment methodology is taking a "Defense in Depth" approach to cyber security. Securing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems or DCS (Distributed Control System) environments requires knowledgeable security professionals who have significant real-time process control and cyber security experience. Our focus and dedication ensures that our team has an understanding of the unique needs of these industries, and can effectively secure these systems without adversely impacting operations.

At the core of our cyber security services strategy is an appreciation for the many security layers that play a role in securing mission critical real-time control systems. Each layer of defense represents categories of system components that must all be secured and hardened to the highest level so that each system can compensate for inherent deficiencies in the layers below it.

Each of our Professional Security Service offerings is designed to expose vulnerabilities in these systems, or exploit weaknesses in current defenses to show how an adversary could gain access to, and potentially take control of these environments.

Our comprehensive Defense-in-Depth Approach includes the following service elements:

  • Network Architecture Review and Documentation
  • Vulnerability Assessment Services
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Policy Review
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Consulting
  • Red Team Testing
  • Cyber Forensics

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