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Bridge and Tunnel Vulnerability Assessments Overview

2003 AASTHO Recommendations for Bridge and Tunnel Vulnerability Assessments was developed for State DOT officials to examine bridge and tunnel security and to develop strategies and practices for deterring, disrupting, and mitigating potential attacks. The intent is to recommend policies and actions to reduce the probability of catastrophic structural damage that could result in substantial human casualties, economic losses, and socio-political damage.

List of assets

Compilation of the list of assets considered critical is the starting point.
The list will be ordered by the risk score determined as follows:

Security assessments will vary by the extent, methods and the complexity. It will be determined by the transportation assets role in the transportation network, the business and the security requirements of the assessed transportation system. Critical transportation system elements are commonly subjected to extensive vulnerability assessment, while less critical transportation elements are usually assessed using faster and simpler methods.

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