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Firewall Specialist LLC will deliver the latest version of a customized Linux Firewall. Its sole purpose in life is to protect the network that it is installed on. By implementing existing technology, outstanding new technology and secure programming practices, this firewall is the best solution for those wanting to keep their computers/networks safe and sound.

The firewall software is open source and is distributed under the GNU General Public License []. In addition to the many obvious advantages of open source, the fact that the source is open allows security experts, worldwide, to audit and fix security holes.

It will run on older “rescued” PCs retrieved from the junk heap.


A secure, stable and highly configurable Linux based firewall

Easy administration through the built in web server

A DHCP client that allows IPCop to, optionally, obtain its IP address from your ISP

A DHCP server that can help configure machines on your internal network

A caching DNS proxy, to help speed up Domain Name queries

A web caching proxy, to speed up web access

An intrusion detection system to detect external attacks on your network

The ability to partition your network into a GREEN, safe, network protected from the Internet, a BLUE network for your wireless LAN and a DMZ or ORANGE network containing publicly accessible servers, partially protected from the Internet.

A VPN faclity that allows you to connect your internal network to another network across the Internet, forming a single logical network or to securely connect PCs on your BLUE, wireless, network to the wired GREEN network.

Traffic shaping capabilities to give highest priority to interactive services such as ssh and telnet, high priority to web browsing, and lower priority to bulk services such as FTP.

Improved VPN support with x509 certificates.

Built from the ground up with ProPolice] to prevent stack smashing attacks in all applications.

A choice of four kernel configurations, allowing you to choose an optimum configuration for your circumstances.

You will be installing a Linux based operating system, but it is not meant to be a general-purpose system. The firewall design attempts to eliminate as many features from the system as possible. The central idea is that the more code that runs on the firewall, the more places there are that are vulnerable to attacks.

Once you have obtained your configuration parameters, installing the firewall software will take as little as fifteen minutes.

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