Security Engineering

Site Design

Minimum Measures for Site Design are:

  • Clear zone - eliminate potential hiding places to improve site visibility
  • Maximize standoff from the outer perimeter and parking areas
  • Eliminate roadways or drives that approach perpendicular to a building
  • Minimize the number of access points to the facility
  • Avoid parking under a facility
  • Provide adequate security lighting
  • Reduce or avoid vantage points

Source FEMA 428


  • For many threats and tactics the best defense if standoff.
  • In addition, you can minimize risk and increase your chances of success by layering your defense.
  • Each layer presents an opportunity to add detection or delay elements to foil an adversary.

Source FEMA 428

Layered defense applies to compounds as well as individual facilities.
Allows scalability of security for various assets with in facility or various facilities within the compound.
Even in urban setting you can develop layers outside the facility
Standoff may not be great, but you can still define defensible spaces