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Wind Site Survey and Analysis
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Wind and Solar Site Survey

Onsite Wind and Solar Site Surveys are scheduled over a 10 day period. These are confirmed by email or telephone as to designated date and time. Time is given in a range of several hours.

Data Collection

Wind Turbine sitting will consider the risk of interference with the surounding and will investigate local ordinances regulating the deployment.

It is not necessary for the client to be onsite for the Survey Data Collection Phase but the client should be aware that the service provider may scale the roof to take appropriate measurements. Data Collection takes about one hour for residential surveys and longer for buildings, particularly with significant roof obstructions (A/C, vents, piping, etc). It is important for the client to pre-determine that there is a southerly or east/west solar exposure that is not shaded by trees or other nearby obstructions. Solar arrays are not practical on north facing roof surfaces.

Relevant data is collected regarding surface dimensions, degrees pitch, true azimuth readings, roof assessment, meter(s) location, partial shading and other factors which will determine the potential for solar array placement and where. A client should indicate in advance to the Wind Solar Pro representative if 'ground mount' structures are viable. Usually ground mounts require large open areas; they are often not applicable to residential lots. If the residence is over 40 years old, the client should check or have the Wind Solar Pro technician examine the electric distribution panel, usually in residential garages or basements, to insure there is one available 30 amp circuit breaker or space for one, for system connectivity. Likewise, for such older structures, a check should be made of roof rafter structure, noting rafter size ( e.g. 2X6 or 2x8) and approximate distance between rafters.

Data Analysis and Presentation

The data are analyzed and presented showing the applicable dimensioned roof sections for solar. This information can be used to directly source bids from numerous solar installation contractors. In addition, a pro forma solar installation design and financial estimate is provided to give the client a benchmark against which installation vendor proposals can compared.

Price and Billing

Residential Wind and Solar Site Survey and Analysis ... $ 175 Non-residential building Survey and Analysis .............$ 300 per building

Site Survey fees are prepaid or due when the survey is taken. Survey results are either emailed, hard-copy mailed or reviewed in-person with the client, at the client's request. For some wind solar installation vendors this fee could be deducted from an installation vendor's bid. This is especially true if the install vendor is some distance away from the client site and would prefer bidding on a potential install via email or phone, based on the Solar Site Services survey. The client should ask if the vendor(s) will make a deduction for the survey.

Wind and Solar Advisory Services:
* for residential ....................................... $ 350 prepaid
* for non-residential buildings .......................$ 60 per hour
(Retainer required and fixed statements of work provided)

Wind and Solar Advisory Services

Advisory Services facilitate the buying process for a Wind Turbine or a solar PV system. Once a client has a site survey in hand, they may opt to work directly with any number of install vendors to obtain bids for equipment and installation. Some clients may want to continue the relational process with a more turnkey approach to help select an installation vendor. Advisory Services will solicit proposals and pricing from a number of vendors, usually 3, and then perform an evaluated cost analysis to compare vendor proposals. A report with recommendations helps insure a client receives the best value for their expenditure.
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