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Physical Safeguards

Subcategories and ONE example for each follow.

Facility Access Controls i.e. The organization will be required to retain ongoing documentation of levels of access granted to user, program procedures, assessing health information.

Workstation Use i.e. Each organization will be required to have guidelines delineating the proper functions to be performed, and the manner in which the functions are performed.

Workstation Security i.e. Each organization will be required to put in place physical safeguards for workstations that will prevent public areas from accidentally dispensing patient identifiable health information from workstations. For example, privacy screens, monitor position, cubicle walls, or locked rooms.

Device and Media Controls i.e. Organizations will be required to document policies and procedures for the disposition of electronic data and the hardware on which it resides. (e.g. wiping hard drives, or other method of destruction)


Administrative Safeguards

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Physical Safeguards

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Technical Safeguards

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Organizational Requirements

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Policy and Procedures

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