Counter Competitive Intelligence

Due diligence to protect your company.

Counter Competitive Intelligence (CCI)

From open source, we check:

For Internal Network Monitoring:

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What do you get?

Our assessment will reveal what type of information is leaking and from where?

* Blogs you employees are maintaining or contributing to.
* Do they disclose proprietary information in their job search
* If your employees and family members have their own companies,
        you should know the  types of services they provide?
* Any breach of the non disclosure agreements they signed?
* If their office computers are infected by viruses or worms.
* .....

Less than 50% of the current viruses and worms are detected by the most up to date anti-virus software. The most recent ones are sending the newest documents created on the computer in word or excel format to unknown locations, overseas. And that is the most valuable info your company has.

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