Counter Competitive Intelligence

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Counter Competitive Intelligence (CCI)

From open source, we check:

For Internal Network Monitoring:

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Internal Network Monitoring - Detection coverage

E1: Inbound malware port focused scans

E2: In and Outbound Exploit Detection

Client-side infection attempts (Web)
Direct Microsoft Exploit Coverage, including
- RPC exploits
- Netbios attacks
- OP/Shell code attack via overflow
Special Port Exploits
High Application Port Exploits
Inbound  Only: Browser specific attacks  
Outbound Only: Bad outbound email from non-SMTP
Outbound Only:  
- Moderate malware-focused outbound scan detection
- Prolific non-malware-focused outbound scan detection

E3: Forced Download / Illegal Software Install Detection:

Malware/Trojan-initiated download request
Classic network stream binary spotting
Malware FTP Comms
Web-based spyware Infection Download / Install 

E4: C&C Detection

Web based spyware phone home / periodic checkin 
Web based malware install success reports
Inbound spyware command detection (flow established)
Web-based ADWARE phone home
BotNet C&C  login/dialog /command recognition
Trojan horse periodic checkin (primarily via web ports)
Application port checkin/install success reports
DNS-based call-backs 
SMTP callbacks (from non-SMTP hosts)
Statefull IRC botnet C&C detection

E5/E6: Insider Attack / Malware Preparation Activity

Spambot MX record search via DNS
DNS malware associated query

E7 Peer to Peer Rules

BotNet P2P protocol activity

E8: Malware Infection Declaration Rules:

Known botnet C&C IP address  (specific address)
Russian Business Network (RBN) address
Prolific malware-focused outbound scan detection

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