6. Marketing Materials

Determine what the communications objectives are for the company and for which target markets the objectives apply.

To Generate New Leads

Some communications programs are designed just to create leads and gauge initial interest.

These leads will then be sorted based on their interest level and will be followed up with accordingly. This is very applicable for high value items or services with longer decision making cycles.

To Persuade to Purchase

Nearly every company will need to employ this objective due to the competitive nature of the markets. A company may want to gain market share or just try and maintain market share. You should consider factors such as price, USP, brand identity, promotions, packaging and ease of purchase.

To Remind

This objective could be employed to remind existing customers of other services and products the company sells. Remind past prospects that you still offer the service or product they were considering or remind a market segment that you have not communicated with for a while.

Ways to reach your target market:

* Website/online marketing
* Business Cards
* Wearing promotional items as conversation starters
* Direct Mail
* Email Campaigns
* Newspapers
* Yellow Pages - online and offline<
* Radio Ads
* Cable TV

After choosing the top ones, each month we will focus on that avenue to reach our target market.

Marketing Services

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