Web Plan Summary

Our primary website will serve as an online portfolio. The site will also have links to our blog and other pertinent information. The website will have a biography and an "about us" page that tells customers about the business and how/why it was created. This website will allow the visitor to relate to the company and the owners. This will help improve the customer's experience. Biography, contact information, privacy policy, and forms will also be included.

Our second website will be a store for selling. This site also has biography and contact information, but not as much as the previous website. There will be enough to let the visitor know a little bit, and links to click them through to our main site.

Things to Consider:

Current level of overall website traffic?
Number of inbound links?
Is the website optimized for search engines?
Could your site do more to help you generate new leads?
Could your site be more valuable in marketing to existing customers?
Could you use your website to process orders?
Does it truly help you deliver information and educate prospects?
Is the design clean and simple, or is it cluttered with images and copy that compete for attention?

Social Media Plan

We will start a blog about this business. It will also highlight tools that are used. Once we acquired a few returning customers, we would like to have video testimony to add to the website. We will also read and comment on professional forums and blogs, positioning us as experts in the field.

Marketing Services

To learn more about Ford-Marketing, please feel free to contact us via email at service@infosecpro.com